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Latest Prime JB Club News - 07/29/2014

The original domain name has finally completed the botched transfer. Over the next 48 hours DNS should start to resolve again. Current plan is to switch back to the original domain on Friday pending DNS propagation tests. Primejb.club will continue to resolve and will be forwarded back to primejailbait.com when everything is back up.

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Posted by snakedust
cute teen, but I really want her hot mom... whoa
about 2 seconds

Posted by ilovemydaddy
Prove it crazyja, I am calling you on it...
about 11 minutes, 29 seconds

Posted by seven37
lucky you
about 13 minutes, 11 seconds

Posted by Blah951
Agreed, but super hot
about 13 minutes, 14 seconds

Posted by kdog113
yes she is.
about 14 minutes, 8 seconds

Posted by kdog113
I love these cuties yummy.
about 15 minutes, 29 seconds

Posted by seven37
thats how daddy likes his little girl. Now come to my room to get more comfortable
about 15 minutes, 53 seconds

Posted by crazyja
Holy he'll she looks just like my 13yo daughter. Almost a spitting image!
about 16 minutes, 58 seconds

Posted by falcon26266
So is there not anymore of her? It had to come from somewhere.
about 17 minutes, 52 seconds

Posted by docfester
about 18 minutes, 12 seconds

Posted by navelfan
Beautiful d-cups!
about 18 minutes, 15 seconds

Posted by falcon26266
So is there not anymore of her? It had to come from somewhere..
about 18 minutes, 30 seconds

Posted by navelfan
#2 has one of the all-time biggest navels. Wow.
about 18 minutes, 41 seconds

Posted by kdog113
blonde hair blue eye cutie ddamn she is hot .
about 20 minutes, 6 seconds

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