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Latest Prime JB Club News - 07/29/2014

The original domain name has finally completed the botched transfer. Over the next 48 hours DNS should start to resolve again. Current plan is to switch back to the original domain on Friday pending DNS propagation tests. Primejb.club will continue to resolve and will be forwarded back to primejailbait.com when everything is back up.

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Posted by Tony37
2 is my life long fantasy.
about 13 seconds

Posted by LGSrpretty
off to the changing room
about 28 seconds

Posted by Skinnies
contd / something teens do...why ?
about 36 seconds

Posted by Skinnies
This bended knee thing is something do ...why ?
about 1 minute, 2 seconds

Posted by ifyg1us
look carefully and notice the pee stain.... YUM
about 1 minute, 18 seconds

Posted by Skinnies
Frowny face requires special attention from the headmaster.
about 2 minutes, 35 seconds

Posted by LGSrpretty
haaa lets see....ok...2 how about you? let know
about 3 minutes, 11 seconds

Posted by Tony37
I love this face.
about 4 minutes, 49 seconds

Posted by Bartekk
her long hot legs lead to a tasty heaven.....
about 8 minutes, 4 seconds

Posted by kdog113
I love these action shots thanks.
about 10 minutes, 19 seconds

Posted by jbheadturner
I'd love to get my hands on that.
about 10 minutes, 51 seconds

Posted by Tony37
Almost there sweety.
about 11 minutes, 23 seconds

Posted by ilm2014
Hello hidden gem
about 11 minutes, 27 seconds

Posted by Tony37
She's about to get another one.
about 12 minutes, 39 seconds

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