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Latest Prime JB Club News - 07/29/2014

The original domain name has finally completed the botched transfer. Over the next 48 hours DNS should start to resolve again. Current plan is to switch back to the original domain on Friday pending DNS propagation tests. Primejb.club will continue to resolve and will be forwarded back to primejailbait.com when everything is back up.

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Posted by guna
True but give the choice between this cutie and JLH, this cutie wins every time!
about 2 minutes, 12 seconds

Posted by wonker
great figure
about 2 minutes, 41 seconds

Posted by bobsponge
lovely little cutie....
about 5 minutes, 19 seconds

Posted by akasection
Those lips ... Mmmm!
about 15 minutes, 51 seconds

Posted by bobsponge
OMG.... both of them...sexy...righty has only one visible eye but she's about to hypnotize me with it.....
about 16 minutes, 17 seconds

Posted by bobsponge
me too, we can't leave a sexy little thing like her all alone......
about 18 minutes, 59 seconds

Posted by thonglover99
I know why there are no more comments in this pic. They would all be banned if we said what we are really thinking...
about 20 minutes, 2 seconds

Posted by bobsponge
nice thought.....nice girl too....
about 21 minutes, 2 seconds

Posted by Satchmo1788
I agree
about 22 minutes, 34 seconds

Posted by bobsponge
about 24 minutes, 17 seconds

Posted by bobsponge
agree...and it's far from being a bad thing......
about 25 minutes, 55 seconds

Posted by bobsponge
lovely sexy little thing......
about 26 minutes, 58 seconds

Posted by bobsponge
sexy cutie...
about 28 minutes, 50 seconds

Posted by downtown2000
I'd love to see her box.
about 37 minutes, 45 seconds

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